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Childbirth Education Classes

Lamaze Childbirth Education Series
  • A weekend series dedicated to preparing you for a beautiful, safe and informed birth experience.

  • Evidence based information to help you and your partner make the most informed decisions for your birth.

  • Comprehensive teaching of the physical and mental aspects of labor & birth.

  • Fun, interactive learning.

  • Natural coping strategies.

  • Pain relief options.

  • Hands on comfort measures for your partner to use when supporting you.

  • Methods of interventions & augmentations. 

  • Newborn procedures.

  • Informed decision-making skills.

  • Trusted community resources referrals.

  • A supportive and inclusive environment.

  • Taught by Doulas & Lamazed trained childbirth educators that have supported over 250 families in West Michigan. 

  • Building community!

Breastfeeding Basics

Getting a solid start with breastfeeding is so important! Included in your childbirth education class, this section will be a time to answer any questions and ensure you are getting off to the right start with feeding your baby. If you are giving birth at the hospital there are a few hospital routines to be aware of that may interfere with immediate success. We want to make sure that you know what to look for when it comes to your baby's cues and how to remain comfortable and confident while feeding your baby. We will answer any questions or concerns you have and we will practice different feeding positions, discuss feeding frequency, newborn weight gain, pumping basics and more.

Postpartum Planning

Plan for your postpartum as much as you plan for your birth!  A postpartum plan is a map. It is a guide that shows you how to navigate early parenthood and recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. All postpartum plans must be unique and catered to the individuals who use them. In addition, the plan you come up with will depend on your personal preferences, cultural norms, finances, employer's maternity & paternity leave policy, and many other factors. We take the time to help you discover and discuss a variety of topics, resources, scenarios, etc. that help you to prepare physically and emotionally for you and your family's postpartum journey. 

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